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StayPlayt Bib | The Plate That Stays In Place

All over the world, babies & toddlers are throwing their plates to the floor resulting in wasted food and piles of frustration. Stayplayt® is a plate that stays in place, so you can take back mealtime.

Best Baby Plate By StayPlayt


I am so excited to introduce to you a brand new product. Have you ever been to a restaurant, ordered food from the menu, placed it in front of your toddler, only to have the curious cuddlebug take the plate and throw it to the ground? 

Imagine serving your favorite dish at a family gathering, picnic or event, then to see your little person chuck the plate like a Frisbee across the table, or even worse... at a sibling!  We've all experienced this moment, sometimes after a long day of work. You're already exhausted. Dinner doesn't have to be this way. Fret no more, the Stayplayt® is here to help take back mealtimes!

Stayplayt® was created and designed to make this part of your life easier. Stayplayt® is a plate that stays in place. It attaches to the edge of the table to keep your tiny human from throwing the plate and food to the floor. Stayplayt® saves you money on food. It saves you time, energy and sanity. Take back your mealtimes, and bring the baby to the table.  

Safely & Proudly Made in the US.

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